We come from a galaxy. A galaxy of planets, cities, people, under one name:

The Trace System.

Our six-year mission – to explore the lives of these men and women and their fight against the darkness. Their triumphs. Their despairs. Their laughter.

Follow us as we chart their way through the stars to the void and beyond, to seek out that most basic of needs: a place to call home.

These are their stories. This is their saga.


If life has brought you to this page, you’ve probably heard of some folk by the name of Talon and James.

You may have even seen them change over the last six years. Many, many times. These heroes have a ship that launched a thousand faces.

Frankly, we could never fully decide which face was best to show. So, why not show them all?

To the princess, the shepherd, the ensign, and the science officer, who during this journey ascended from this life to Valhalla, we hope that our words carry on your glory and reach you in the stars beyond.